Sunday, April 1, 2012

Iyama Yuta the 67th Honinbo's Challenger

Honinbo is 1 of the top 3 Japanese title. It has a long history and could be dated back in Edo period. After it became an annual tournament, 16 people already claimed this title. This year, Iyama Yuta got his first shot to be the 17th people to hold the annual Honinbo.

Iyama won the Honinbo league in his 3rd try. In the previous 2 leagues, he scored 4-3 and 6-1 and stayed at the second position. This year he scored 6-1 again but the circumstance is difference as he collected most win and doesn't have to play a tiebreak game.

Iyama won the last game against Hane Naoki and avoided a possible tie result with Yuki Satoshi. This victory gave Iyama his 5th major title challenger's right. Oza and Gosei are the only tournament where he never become challenger.

Hane Naoki (left) vs. Iyama Yuta (right)
Final league result:
1. Iyama Yuta 6-1
2. Yuki Satoshi 5-2
3. Cho U 4-3
4. Takao Shinji & Kono Rin 4-3 (Will play demotion player decision match)
6. Hane Naoki 3-4 (demoted)
7-8 Seto Taiki & Ko Iso 1-6 (demoted)

Here is one of Iyama game during the league. His second round's victory from Cho U started his winning streak at the league after previously losing to Takao Shinji at the first round.

Here is the game record:
Iyama Yuta (white) vs. Cho U (black). Result: W+R

EV[67th Honinbo league]
PW[Iyama Yuta]
PB[Cho U]