Sunday, January 22, 2012

A New Female Master Will Rise

After a long years of reign, Rui Naiwei the 10 times Female Myeongin winner finally dethroned this year after she moved from Korea back to China. This mean that a new Female Myeongin will emerge this year. Rui has dominated the title and only Park Jieun and Cho Hyeyeon ever won the title once in the 12 years of the tournament's history.

The 13th series will mark not only a new winner, but also a new generation of Korean female player as 2 youngsters won all the way to the final and face each other to determine who the next master will be. The 15 years old Choi Jung won the winner's block after she beat Cho Hyeyeon in an excellent start, Kim Soojin, and Park Jieun at the final. An amazing achievement for beating 2 of Korean strongest female. Meanwhile, at the loser's block, the 20 years old Kim Miri made her way to the final after she beat Kim Eunsun, Kim Soojin, Cho Hyeyeon, and Park Jieun. A rebound of her first round lost to Park Jiyeon.

Kim Miri (left) vs. Choi Jung (right)
The game was played at January 19 with Choi Jung played black and Kim Miri played white. Choi played a Low Chinese Fuseki at the right side and after Kim invaded the upper right corner, Choi went for thickness at the right side.

Choi Jung. Young and dangerous.

A fight started at the bottom right when Kim Miri attacked Choi's corner. The attack wasn't success as Choi handled it well and killed the invader. The failure made Kim changed her attack to the left side. Choi started a ko fight to save all of her groups and successfully won the ko after 167 moves.

Kim Miri who turned pro in 2008 and had a blast since the start.

The second game will be played at January 26. Will Choi reign as the new Female Myeongin, or will Kim save her chance? We will see.

(;CA[Windows-1252]SZ[19]AP[MultiGo:4.4.4]EV[13th Korean Female Myeongin, final 1]
DT[2012-01-19]PB[Choi Jeong]BR[1p]PW[Kim Miri]WR[2p]KM[6.5]RE[B+R]MULTIGOGM[1]


Tomasz Ślązok said...

The winner will not get the title but right to play with Rui Naiwei (titleholder).

This is challenger tournament only.

Biondy said...

oh I see.. I thought the winner will directly win the title since I remember that I read somewhere (perhaps Lifein19x19) that Rui moved to China and the final is a best-of-3 (usually it was only one final game and then the title series)