Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday Tsumego

Let's do some brain exercise in this beautiful Saturday. Black just played at A (which is a mistake). White to play and make use his marked group. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

The push and cut just works, right?

J16 H16
J14 H15 J13
if J12, K12 atari, K13 K12 dead

Anonymous said...

how about ... if black answers k12? instead of j12?

Anonymous said...

nevermind .. i take that back .

DichiGo said...

I think the answer is simple.white has to play at P19 to capture black's group and prevents "SEKI".If white plays at another point,black will play at J16 to make "SEKI".
Did I miss something?

Anonymous said...

I missed read about the "SEKI".
It's impossible for White to capture Black's N18 group and prevent the "SEKI" ,except If Black let white capture the N18 group(hehe).
Here I have 2 answers for this tsumego.
1.first white plays at J13,then B J14,W J16,B H16,W H12,B H13,W J12 captures 2 black stones.
2.W Plays J16,B H16,W J13,B J14,W H12,B H13,W J12 captures 2 Black's stones.
My answers are similiar but they have different order.I think the idea is to save W group around O14.That W group seem has only one eye.

HandA said...
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HandA said...

@above poster: Black does not have to J14 when White J13. So both your answers are probably not correct.

DichiGo said...

Yes, that's true that B must not answer at J14 to respond White J13.Black can play at H13 to respond White J13.And my 2 answers are not correct.If so....,
Here is my other answer:
First White plays at J13,then B H13,W J12, If B responds at J14,then W H12 captures 2 black stones.

But if B responds W J12 at H12, W plays at J14,B K12,W J16,If B answers at J H15,W plays H16 and later can capture 3 B's stones(J17 group)

if B answers W J16 at H16,W H15 captures B's J15 stone.then B H14,W J15 connect.
this way W can capture B's K13 group.
What do you think?

HandA said...

After playing your moves out I think the only reply Black has for White J13 is B J12 W K12 B H12 W J14 B H14 W J14 B H16 to create a ko.

DichiGo said...

So what is the correct answer?