Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2nd BCCard Cup, round 1

The second series of the BCCard Cup World Baduk Championship has started in January 16. The tournament is an open tournament for both pro and ama players. Everyone who can win through the prelims can play in the main stage and get the chance to win the first place.

Here is the pairings and results for round 1:

Uuhh... Where are us?

Cho Hunhyun (9p,Korea) O vs. X On Sojin (5p, Korea)
Cho Hunhyun had the advantage since the beginning and never had a serious problem during the game.

Choi Myeonghun (9p, Korea) X vs. O Ding Wei (9p, China)
Both player chose to play big moyo game. But in the end, Ding came out ahead by 4.5 points

Iyama Yuta (9p, Japan) O vs. X Na Hyun (5d, Korea)
The Japan Meijin played his game very well. He won by resignation against the Na Hyun who beat Yu Bin one of the China's top player in the preliminary.

Niu Yutian (7 p, China) O vs. X Lee Seungjae (9p, Korea)
The game ended after Niu Yutian won a decisive ko fight.

Park Junghwan (7p, Korea) O vs. X Xie He (7p, China)
Park of Korea put Xie He of China to an end

Park Junghwan vs. Xie He

Lee Chungyu (2p, Korea) X vs. O Kim Ilhwan (9p, Korea)
The game was very interesting. A big semeai won by Kim.

Chen Shiyuan (8p, Taiwan) X vs. O Heo Yeongho (7p, Korea)
Chen Shiyuan who is dominating Taiwan's pro scene at the moment can't stand against Heo Yeongho from Korea. With his defeat, Taiwan lost their one and only representative in the tournament.

Zhou Ruiyang (5p, China) X vs. O Tuo Jiaxi (3p, Korea)
An interesting game showed by two young and promising Chinese rising star. A big exchange was played toward the end. Tuo won the game by resignation.

Kim Jiseok (6p, Korea) O vs. X Yun Hyuk (6p, Korea)
Kim killed Yun's group in the early game and won the game by resignation.

Li Xuanhao (2p, China) O vs. X Bae Junhee (3p, Korea)
The two players are rather unknown. Li Xuanhao played very well. He deserves the victory.

Choi Cheolhan (9p, Korea) O vs. X Song Taekon (9p, Korea)
Choi made it to the second round!

Tan Xiao (5p, China) O vs. X Zhou Heyang (9p, China)
Tan Xiao beat one of China's senior player and made his way to the second round.

Mok Jinseok (9p, Korea) O vs. X Kim Kiwon (1p, Korea)
Mok as Korea's top player surely didn't want to lose against Korean 1 dan. He won by 2.5 points in an interesting game.

Baek Daehyun (7p, Korea) X vs. O Peng Quan (7p, China)
Baek settled a big territory in the early game, but Peng made some profit in the center and won the game by 2.5 points.

Chang Hao (9p, China) O vs. X Wang Lei (8p, China)
Chang Hao successfully saved his big dragon and saved his neck in the first round.

An Dalhun (8p, Korea) X vs. O Kim Hyeoyimin (5p, Korea)
Kim Hyeoyimin made her way as the only female player in the second round by beating An Dalhun in a close game.

Park Yeonghun (9p, Korea) O vs. X Park Yeongyong (ama, Korea)
Kim Sooyong (3p, Korea) X vs. O Ryu Minhyung (1p, Korea)

Yamada Kimio (9p, Japan) O vs. X Zhong Wenjing (5p, China)
Perhaps this is the longest game at round 1. Yamada Kimio won the game by 1.5 points after 336 moves.

Yoo Changhyuk (9p, Korea) O vs. X Li He (2p, Korea)
Another big moyo game. Yoo played very well and didn't give the beautiful Li a chance and eventually won by 4.5 points.

Lee Sedol (9p, Korea) O vs. X Lee Juhyung (ama, Korea)
The return of Lee Sedol! I wonder if he will play regularly in Korea's tournament again from now on.

Lee Sedol vs. Lee Juhyung

Lee Wonyoung (1p, Korea) X vs. O Hong Sungji (7p, Korea)
Hong defended his big advantage and won by 8.5 points.

Kong Jie (9p, China) O vs. X Zhu Yuanhao (3p, China)
No surprise that Kong Jie won this game. He is in very good shape and of course want to add this tournament's title to his victory list.

Shi Yue (4p, China) O vs. X Sun Li (4p, China)
Sun Li had a strong position in the center, but he didn't maximally used it and resign, because the gap was too big.

Lee Changho (9p, Korea) X vs. O Han Taehee (ama, Korea)
Lee surprisingly lost to a Korean amateur in a 96 moves game!

Who's that man?

Wang Yao (6p, China) X vs. O An Choyeong (9p, Korea)
An Joyeong handled Wang's weak group very well. He eventually killed a big dragon in the end.

Gu Li (9p, China) O vs. X Choi Hyunjae (ama, Korea)
It seems that the Chinese grand slam is too strong for Choi Hyunjae to handle.

Park Jiyeon (2p, Korea) X vs. O Zhang Li (5p, China)
Zhang created an uncomfortable choice for Park, which made sure his victory.

Kang Dongyun (9p, Korea) X vs. O Kim Kiyoung (5p, Korea)
Kang must sacrifice a group to save his bigger group. Though he later got a big black's group, it wasn't enough to win the game.

Baek Hongsuk (7p, Korea) X vs. O Han Wounggyu (2p, Korea)
An interesting mirror go played by both players! Han came out slightly ahead in the end game.

Liu Xing (7p, China) X vs. O Kim Minsoo (7p, Korea)
Liu had a strong moyo in the upper board, but later Kim reduced it very well, and gave him a resignation victory.

Park Seunghyun (6p, Korea) O vs. X Weon Sungjin (9p, Korea)
Park used his thickness very well. Weon got a chance to create big territory due to Park's mistake. Unfortunately it wasn't enough.

Ugh! What a game.

Interesting game of round 1:
Baek Hongsuk vs. Han Wounggyu
Lee Chungyu vs. Kim Ilhwan
Li Xuanhao vs. Bae Junhe