Thursday, June 4, 2009

Takao Shinji Even Himself at Honinbo Title Match

Takao Shinji, the challenger for the 64th Honinbo, won the second title match.

The game was played at May 27-28. Takao Shinji played as white, while Hane Naoki, Honibo played as black. Black played a thick game. He created a big moyo in the right side. Black tried an invasion, started at move 32. The first day ended at move 50, with Hane Naoki did the fujite. I personally think that black has the advantage at the end of day 1.

In his blog, Takao Shinji stated that instead of blocking, he might tried iken tobi at A. He thinks that A is a little more interesting go rather than the real game.

The day 2 started with Hane Honinbo played his fujite move. He chose to play hane, attacking white's group. However, white successfully alive, after he threatened black's group and took the chance to made a living shape.

Hane Naoki resigned at move 212. I think he resigned because he was running out of ko threat which mean white can killed black's invading group. That made white clearly on the lead.