Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Visit Indonesia Year 2008

Visit Indonesia Year 2008
This year, Indonesia celebrates its 100 years of national awakening. National awakening was the turning point when people in Indonesia realized that they will never free if they didn’t holding hands together.
Due to its 100 years celebration, Indonesia created “Visit Indonesia Year 2008”. It is a program to get more tourist to visit Indonesia. With this program, hopefully, this year 7 million visitors will come to Indonesia.

Some people pessimist that the number will get that much, but it’s not impossible, after last year’s number surpass 5.5 million tourists expectation.
I hope the number will surpass 7 million this year. I hope you can spend holiday here, in Indonesia. I am very happy if you will come, but if you don’t , I’m still happy because you have read this.
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